How UTRACK Works

UTRACK is a simple online system for keeping track of your movie/video collection. If you’ve got a large collection of DVDs, BluRay movies, VHS movies, LaserDisc movies, or even if you have a mixed collection of all of those formats, this system is for you.

UTRACK movies makes tracking your collection easy by allowing you to simply search for a given movie and have all the details of that movie, including a picture of it, pop right up on your screen. There is no need to manually type in all of that information, you can simply find the movie you own and add it to your UTRACK collection.

Once you’ve entered your collection into UTRACK, you can now easily browse your collection by category, add comments to movies, or re-organize your movies as you see fit. UTRACK also allows you to search your collection quickly and easily, so there is no need to go scanning through your entire collection to remember if you own a certain movie or to find out more details on that movie.

Anyone who owns a lot of movies knows that all of their friends and relatives are always asking to borrow this movie or that movie. UTRACK helps with this problem in several ways. First you can enter the names of your friends into UTRACK and easily track who borrowed what movie. As an added bonus, you can turn on notifications to have your friends/relatives receive an automated email message when they’ve had your movie for too long. This means you don’t have to phone up your friends and nag them to return your movie!

Now that you know what UTRACK does and how it works, you can register for your own UTRACK Movies account and start tracking your collection!